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The Collection - Traveller (All Flavors)

The Collection - Traveller:2300 aka 2300AD
The Collection - Space: 1889
The Collection - Twilight: 2000
The Collection - Miscellaneous Boardgames
The Collection - Harpoon & Air Strike
The Collection - Dark Conspiracy
The Collection - Gary Gygax's Dangerous Journeys
The Collection - Other Miscellaneous GDW Publications


Written sometime in 2001...

First, you might ask, what does "GDW & Traveller" mean?

Well, the answer is a) I love Traveller, and b) there are many peripheral, or related, or even stand-alone-but-still-cool games and accessories that GDW produced (for example: the Space: 1889 RPG, or the "Bloodtree Rebellion" stand-alone boardgame) which I like almost or equally as much, and consider them part of this love.

Second, well, what is this "Collection?"

I played role-playing games (RPGs) extensively, mostly AD&D, during my teen and college years. I was an avid collector then, devoting more money (and time!) than I probably should have, and amassed a not inconsiderable assortment of stuff. For example, I gathered all of TSR's Dragon magazine, except for issues #1, #2, #6, and #13. I had way more AD&D stuff than Traveller, because what I played was AD&D. As badly as I wanted to play Traveller, only I in my circle of friends had or wanted it. And so that collection remained modest.

Earlier this year (2001), however, I finally got active on Ebay. And now all my collections are becoming more complete (think of the Emperor in Return of the Jedi...). For example, now I'm missing only Issues #1 and #2 from my Dragon Collection. And my Traveller Collection (ah!) -- it is much richer...

And so...

The Key

This page documents my GDW & Traveller Collection, mostly for my own benefit, to track what I do and do not have. I've been tracking this in Excel, been thinking of converting it to a database -- but then stumbled across "Swordy's" Traveller Collection page, which I have now shamelessly stolen.

Black I own at least one copy of this item in my collection.
Italic I owned these items "before" 2001; i.e., I bought them in the 80s and 90s.
Red These items are known or suspected to exist, but I don't own a copy of them (yet).
Blue I have recently ordered or won in auction these items, but they are en route.
Gray These items were never published.

Note: I should mention that I have omitted some items. For example, I'm not interested in Traveller miniatures.

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The Collection

Classic Traveller aka "CT"

Game Designers' Workshop

2002-06-15 With the much-awaited arrival of Alien Module 4: The Zhodani, I have all the Alien Modules. Thus, at this point, I am missing only the Atlas of the Imperium (I don't count the poster or binder (below) -- and I'll get Starter Traveller someday)

2003-02-07 I just paid for LBB5 High Guard, 1st Edition and Atlas of the Imperium. For all intents and purposes, once these two arrive, I will consider my CT collection complete (for items by GDW, at least -- there are still _tons_ of other CT era goodies I'm after)! I'm psyched. Yes, someday I'll get Start Traveller, but it's not a priority...

2003-02-19 These all arrived yesterday -- excellent!

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society aka JTAS

2002-06-15: Still missing four of these...and ooh boy Issue #1 is quite the challenge!

2002-08-14: Issue#22 just arrived, and I've purchased #21 and it's in the mail, so now I'm missing just two: #1 and #4. As I said above, I'm sure they'll take quite a while for me to obtain -- but that's _just_ what the Far Future Enterprises Reprints are for!

2002-10-30: Wellll, it looks like the folks I ostensibly bought JTAS#21 and Traveller's Digest #19 from have essentially just stolen my money. <Sigh> They sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay; I bought some things that didn't sell -- only to notice a week later that they had relisted those same items. They haven't responded to any of my 8-10 subsequent attempts to contact them, and they have earned several Negative Feedback points on Ebay -- it looks like I'm not alone. This sucks. My first bad experience. Oh well... I _will_ leave those two items Blue _and_ Bold until I find them.

2003-07-23: Ah, at looong last, I have acquired JTAS#21, a copy in Excellent condition. Only #1 and #4 remain ($68 and $80 on Ebay just yesterday, respectively -- oof!).

Software (!?!)


Ad Astra



Baron Publications


Cargonaut Press (1999)

The following are supplements and adventures written by the prolific Keith Bros. -- but were never published during the "Class Traveller" era. Please see the Gamelords section for a substantial chunk of "contemporary" material; i.e., the series in which many of the following occur.
Note: what I have below is the so-called "Deluxe Edition," first print run, which is in letter-size; there is presently a second print run in digest-size, which does not include the miscellaneous extras. It has just the 8 books.


Chuck Kallenbach II


Digest Group Publications


Disenos Orbitales, SA


FASA aka Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration



2002-05-15: I found today that the folks at GRiP listed just a few days ago that they have all 10 of these for sale. (I had previously acquired only two of them, Lee's Guide, and The Drenslaar Quest.) Sadly, one had sold out, but I was able to order 7, so I'm now missing only one (The Desert Environment).

2002-09-27: I just discovered that the same vendor "restocked" on 09-21, so I may be able to get the missing one soon, after all...

2003-02-07: I have managed to find a used copy of Desert Environment, happily, which is a big savings in time and money for me. (It arrived on 2/18 - woohoo! This collection is complete!)


Games Workshop

2002-12-30: I'm psyched; I just found (and purchased) a copy of IISS Ship Files outside of Ebay -- which means no risk of losing an auction -- and it should be here in a week or two!
2003-01-07: Woohoo! It arrived yesterday. It's in great shape -- and it's rather cool, as expected. It has some really unusual designs -- with deckplans, of course!




Group One


Hobby Japan


Judges Guild


Loner Enterprizes (Jordan Weisman)


Marischal Folio Adventures


Paranoia Press



Phoenix Games






Star Quest Games


Warfield Games

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MegaTraveller aka MT

Game Designers' Workshop

[2001-Dec-03] At long last I have finally collected all the GDW materials for MT! I found Fighting Ships for only $4.95 at a local used bookstore! Trivial, yet exciting and very satisfying.


Seeker Gaming Systems


Digest Group Publications

2002-06-22: With arrival of the truly excellent Flaming Eye Campaign, all I'm missing (for books) is Alien Vol. 2.
2002-12-30: And so, happily, I have purchased "Solomani & Aslan," which will arrive in a week or two. My DGP _books_ collection is complete!
2003-01-08: It's here (arrived yesterday)! So cool to have the vehicle/ship designs, with one or two deckplans. I can't get over how high the DGP production values and content were/are... Except for many missing Travellers' Digest issues, I got it all -- Excellent!
2003-07-29: My order of five issues arrived yesterday (granted, I had one, Issue #20, already). This means I'm missing only four MT-era issues: 13, 15, 16, and 17. Someday, somehow...
2003-09-16: Well, I just found 13 and 16 -- for $3 each -- plus a second copy of 14. They're on order, to arrive in 10-14 days. Woohoo! So now only 15 and 17 are missing.
2003-09-25: The three issues ordered about a week ago arrived yesterday; they're in Excellent condition. Only two more to go!
2003-10-19: I'm happy to report I've won an Ebay auction for #15, but lost on the number #17 -- and didn't come close to the #10 this guy had. Thus, once #15 arrives, only one more to go: #17!
2003-11-02: Wow, that same seller currently had TDs #4 through 9 for sale; too bad I can't bid on the early ones...


MGE Production - Tidewater Traveller Club Presentation


Paragon Software


Sage Lore Productions


Wrekt Enterprises

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In the "Post-Marc" years there was Traveller: The New Era (TNE)
Which uses GDW's "House Rules," a la Twilight:2000)

Game Designers' Workshop

2002-08-20: With the arrival of "Aliens of the Rim" and "The Guilded Lilly" [sic] I now have all TNE rule publications (except for the Deluxe set, which I will get someday).

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After GDW closed down, up sprung
Marc Miller's Traveller, 4th Edition aka T4

Imperium Games

Collection Complete! [2004-05-18]


British Isles Traveller Support (BITS)

2003-01-08: These arrived yesterday (all together, 11 items in all -- see the GURPS section below for the others). I skimmed through all of them, and boy, they sure are nice, full of really useful information. In terems of the ones published "for Marc Miller's Traveller" (aka T4), this sub-collection is functionally complete: all three of the remaining items are "1st Edition," and have been superseded. They're also super-rare, and I don't care much about them, since the successors to each _are_ available, and just as useful. But who knows, maybe I'll eventually acquire them!

(See below for more BITS stuff: Jump on down to [GT BITS publications].)

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GURPS Traveller aka "GT"

Steve Jackson Games [website]


2003-09-25: In 2001 I was not as interested in GURPS Traveller -- in GURPS in general. That said, I still pursued those G:T books that I felt were particularly strong: Core rulebook, Far Trader, First In, Ground Forces -- and I've certainly been coveting Starports. And then in July 2003 I bought my online JTAS subscription, and starting in August 2003 I've kept up with their new releases, buying them almost immediately after shipment (on Ebay, I'll admit, for discounted prices...): Humaniti, and Starships. They really do have _great_ stuff. So I will for sure be seeking to make this collection complete; I'd particularly like to get Rim of Fire, and Behind the Claw -- and Starports, of course.

2004-12-08: I splurged and ordered Nobles and Sword Worlds at the end of October. After some shipping slowness, they finally arrived.

Game Aids



2003-01-08: These arrived yesterday -- the four that I presently have (Khiidkar, SpaceDogs, ACQ, and Patrons) -- along with seven others that were published originally "only" for T4. They are above, at the end of the T4 section. I _definitely_ plan on getting the other four, _especially_ 101 Corporations, which is also the newest one. For these remaining four I'd need to spend $46 plus S&H, new, so we'll see when that might happen...

But wow, what really great stuff!  Back to [T4 BITS]

2003-02-07: I just paid for some used copies of the remaining items I don't have -- TBIB, TPER, ADD3, and 101 Corps -- an excellent opportunity! (These arrived on Feb 18th -- overall, my BITS collection is functionally complete. The rest are extremely rare, and their content has truly been superseded by the newer editions, so, well, I'm not very interested, my usual obsessive completist nature notwithstanding (^_^) )


BITS also published a pair of Power Projection supplements: